Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Pearl Principle

The Pearl Principle Movement advocates the transformation of individual Filipinos, and of the entire Filipino nation, through the application of the principles behind the birth of a pearl.

A pearl is created when an irritant invades an oyster. Instead of silently suffering the pain caused by this irritant, and instead of depending on its neighbors to remove the invader, the oyster responds by secreting nacre. The clam coats the irritant with nacre, and in due time, this creates the pearl.

Pearl Principle
We believe that the values that we see in the formation of a pearl can be applied to our personal lives and communities. The oyster does not suffer in silence; it takes action to neutralize the irritant. The oyster does not depend on external factors to address the irritant; it relies on what it can produce. The oyster works within the area it can act on which is inside itself.

We believe that, as in the creation of the pearl:

  • We should overcome problems, instead of simply enduring them;
  • We should use our inherent resources and talents to face our challenges;
  • We should work within our sphere of influence;
Furthermore, we believe that transforming ourselves, and our nation will be a continuous and never-ending process of growth, which we can pursue by taking on challenges of increasing complexity.

Through the application of the Pearl Principle, we will see within the next five (5) years:

  • Filipinos who are Social Entrepreneurs, who are disciplined, passionate, and ethical agents of change who turn challenges into opportunities;
  • A network of Filipino individuals and groups, moved by love of country, that are able to overcome personal, family, community, and national challenges by using their inherent gifts and resources on areas that are within their capacity to control;
  • A Filipino nation that is able to meet increasingly difficult challenges through collective action and utilization of inherent resources.

Strategic Approaches
We will be able to realize these Practical Visions by:

  • Engaging individuals and organizations to apply the Pearl Principle to their respective areas of influence; and
  • Supporting, innovating, and augmenting the Philippine educational system.

The Pearl Principle. Copyright Centre for International Education. All rights reserved.

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