Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The 10 Tenets of the Pearl Principle

Every advocacy or ideology must have some foundation or a set of core beliefs. We must have a way at looking at or interacting with world at large.

Our worldview is rooted in the transformation of adversity into a gem of a life…as in the creation of a pearl.

As Advocates of the Pearl Principle, we believe that…

  1. Adversity is the catalysts of growth and progress.
  2. Transformation is the proactive engagement of one’s sphere of influence.
  3. Every person has inherent gifts that can be used to overcome challenges.
  4. People can reinvent themselves at will.
  5. Introspection is the key to unlocking the right core values that guide our discernment for change.
  6. Self-sufficiency is a philosophy that we can nurture to eradicate mendicant behavior.
  7. Personal success is only a means to an end: Making the world a better place.
  8. Success is measured by the number of people whose lives have improved because of our existence.
  9. Wealth accumulation is only justified when it is re-channeled to uplift the quality of life of communities through purposeful intervention.
  10. Change begins from within.

A Pearl Principle Advocate must adapt these tenets into his or her belief system. It is our way of explaining our relationship, our perpsective, and describing the color of the window panes through which we see the rest of the world.

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