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The Pearl Principle Formation School Orientation: An Invitation

We are please to invite you to an Orientation about the Pearl Principle Formation School this August 12, 2006, 10:00a.m. to 12:00 noon at Unit 10A 10th Floor of the Cordova Condominium, Valero corner Sedeño Streets, Makati City. There are limited seats in this orientation so we encourage you to confirm your attendance. Please call (02) 888-0909 / 892-3088 and look for Glenda Francisco.

Pearl Principle Formation Schools is a concept of learning centers that is a result of the Pearl Movement. The Pearl Movement started in a meeting of 500 middle class Filipinos last September 28 and 29, 2004 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati City.The objective of the Pearl Movement is to create a generation of Filipinos who are Nation-loving, Passionate, Action-driven and Results Oriented. Hopefully this will also create leaders advocating these beliefs.

Nelia Sarcol founder and President of the Centre for International Education have successfully come up with a curriculum that provides strong academic background in Math, English, Science and Values to young people. She believes that the only way to put the greater portion of the masses in the same footing as the elite in terms of education is to share a well-grounded elementary and high school education to the poor. Change is expected to have far deeper impact this way.

To get acquainted with the Centre for International Education please visit its website at:

The Pearl Principle Formation Schools or simply Pearl Principle Schools are schools providing formal elementary and high school education to children of economically disadvantaged family by delivering a world-class curriculum within socialized tuition fee rates. Currently, initial implementation aims to put up pre-schools in barangays.The Pearl Principle School is a system. It is a socialized educational system that allows any not-for-profit or non-government organization and even government instrumentalities to set up a Basic Education Program in any community. The system provides support for faculty training and development, a license to a proven system of teaching, financial and school management system, and consulting services to aid organizations in setting up the school in their community.

Components of the Pearl Principle School System

Pre-qualification Engagement
The Pre-qualification Engagement is the component of the system that allows the prospective licensee to understand and to appreciate the Pearl Principle and the School System. It is actually a learning process providing an opportunity to assess the commitment of the licensee to apply the Pearl Principle in the community and comply with the standards set by the Pearl Principle Program in managing the school and complying with the quality standards for schemes of work and curriculum delivery.

Pearl Cluster Engagement
This engagement creates the team in the licensee organization that will manage the school system and comply with the terms and conditions of the license. The Pearl Cluster shall be responsible for the roll out of the components of the Pearl Principle School System.

Faculty Training and Development
The Pearl School System provides a program for the training of teachers and their continuous development. The training workshops include the license to use the materials and techniques currently use in the academic programs of the Centre for International Education.

Teaching Materials, Aids and Tools
A set of approved and CIE certified materials that form an integral part of the Pearl Principle School curriculum. The materials, teaching aids, tools and techniques are provided to the licensee under a Limited Use Agreement.

Quality Assurance and Control
The success of the School System is hinge on the adherence to the standards set by the terms and conditions of the License and the deliverable metrics that CIE specifies. The Pearl Principle Program reserves the right to conduct Audit on all components of the Pearl Principle School license. This Standards Audit ensures that all Pearl School licensees regardless of the community or geographical location comply with highest educational standards set by the CIE and the Pearl Principle Program.

Management Systems and Best Practices
The Pearl Principle School license comes with a recommended business model. This business model ensures that the setting up and operation of the school reach a certain level of liquidity and thereafter maintain a consistent rate of growth. The business model was designed to make the educational program self-sustaining after a certain period. Pearl Principle's recommended systems and best practices are merely guides to enable the licensee to operate with a certain degree of efficiency while maintaining its autonomy in terms of management.

Financial Systems and Best Practices
Financial management is a very specialized business process and requires a set of specialized skills. Part of the operational manual of the School System is a set of accounting forms and templates including recommended accounting processes to guarantee that a licensee school's financial resources are managed professionally however small.

Community Development Program
Every Pearl Principle Formation School becomes integrated into the Community Development Program of the Centre for International Education. What does this mean to a Licensee and a Pearl Principle Corporate Partner or Sponsor? It means that the community where the Pearl Principle Formation School is located becomes a recipient of the following:
  • The use of research data critical in conducting community needs assessment and resource planning.
  • The network of support partnership that the Centre for International Education nurtures to drive its development programs in entrepreneurship and community development. The internal social or community programs of its various operating and academic units which may choose to adopt the community in one of its project
  • Assistance in the event the community chooses to pursue its own development programs in the form of the different consulting services that the Centre for International Education currently provides.
Community and CSR Program Matching
There are many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs being launched and managed every year by more than a thousand business organizations. The network of alliances born out of CIE's research, enterprise and community programmes, provides CIE many options and creative opportunity to find the best fit for a community. CIE and the Pearl Principle Movement can work together to get a community and a business enterprise on the right track to launching a program that both will be more than happy.

What is really the Value Proposition of the Pearl Principle Formation School?

The Launching of a Truly Integrated Approach to Community Development Work
It is very difficult to conceptualize, plan, develop and implement community or social development programs. Very few actually make it through the concept phase. The Centre for International Education through the Pearl Principle Movement and the Formation Schools allow for the adoption of truly integrated community development program using a Basic Education Program as a launching pad for community projects. The development model of the Pearl Principle Movement encourages stakeholders to take the initiative. The Pearl Principle Movement through the Centre for International Education merely sets the framework and a vehicle for organizing and putting focus into the stakeholders' initiatives. The Centre for International Education has the resources to arrange and to manage the partnerships required to make community projects work.

The Emphasis on Personal Involvement of Stakeholders
We believe that the values that we see in the formation of a pearl can be applied to our personal lives and communities. The oyster does not suffer in silence; it takes action to neutralize the irritant. The oyster does not depend on external factors to address the irritant; it relies on what it can produce. The oyster works within the area it can act on, which is inside it self.We believe that, as in the creation of the pearl:
  • We should overcome problems, instead of simply enduring them;• We should use our inherent resources and talents to face our challenges;
  • We should work within our sphere of influence;Furthermore, we believe that transforming ourselves and our nation will be a continuous and never-ending process of growth, which we can pursue by taking on challenges of increasing complexity. The Pearl Principle Movement is confident that communities can indeed take on challenges of increasing complexity if the right environment is nurtured deliberately.
A Wholistic As Against Cosmetic Approach to Alleviating Poverty
Most Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are very palliative in its approach. An example of these programs are awarding one or more years of scholarships, providing school buildings to public schools, delivering computers to public elementary schools, etc. These initiatives are truly laudable but year after year recipients and proponents alike reap a rising tide of growing frustrations by the inability of these projects to contribute to real economic growth for communities, real acquisition of high level knowledge or skills in children, or even dramatic improvements in the quality of life.

After all the millions are spent managing and delivering these projects, the dignity of the Filipino has not risen to a level far greater than last year. The same people or families will be asking for the same thing this year or next. The never-ending cycle of "begging" or taking scraps from donors continues each year eating away the last patches of human dignity from "beneficiaries". The United Nations Millennium Development Goals is in a capsule suppose to uphold the human state everywhere. Corporate Social Programs seem to be doing the absolute opposite.

What the Pearl Principle Movement upholds is the chance not to send one child to school or change the life of one family but to help people build their own communities through a serious and well-thought of investment in a program that is managed professionally with metrics of success clearly established from the very start. In a sense, the Pearl Principle Formation School is an investment in a Social Management System that pays for itself after the startup investment. The design of the Pearl Principle Formation Schools takes into consideration the development needs of the community, and directly integrates community realities into classroom learning.

Please confirm your reservation to the Pearl Principle School Orientation by calling Glenda Francisco now at (02) 888-0909 / 892-3088.

Pearl Principle Formation School Orientation
August 12, 2006, 10:00a.m. to 12:00 noon
Unit 10A 10th Floor Cordova Condominium
Valero corner Sedeño Streets, Makati City

We hope to see you there.


Cheers said...

Dear Sir/Madam:

I'm a homeschooling mom and I'm interested in your concept of the Pearl Principle, particularly in your desire to strengthen the student's foundation on science, math, language and values formation. God willing, I am attending the orientation program this August.

A few points, however, which you might consider: your blog looks cluttered; the background is distracting and the font used is quite small. Moreover, the text needs editing (particularly since one of the group's advocacy is better English).

Thanks and blessings on your undertaking. Hope to see you soon!

Btw, you may opt not to publish my comment and just to contact me directly through my email. I shall be happy to volunteer my help should you need it.


Virgilio Y Paralisan said...

Hello Cheers!

We appreciate your feedback. This blogsite is really a work in progress. If you need to know more about the PPFS please join the YahooGroups to get updates.