Wednesday, January 2, 2008

CIE Conducts Its First Pearl Principle Formation School Orientation for 2008 in Makati on January 12, 2008

The Centre for International Education will be conducting the First Pearl Principle Formation School Phase 1 Orientation for the National Capital Region for 2008 on January 12, 2008 at CIE Makati Extension Campus at the Ground Floor of Gold Tower, Palanca Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines. The Orientation is open to the public however because of limited seating capacity of the venue prior reservation is necessary. No registration fee will be collected from participants.

Phase 1 introduces the Pearl Principle Formation School or PPFS. It covers the Pearl Principle Movement that the Centre for International Education founder Prof. Nelia Cruz-Sarcol started and the background of the PPFS itself. Phase 1 participants will walk through the Pre-qualification process to get an overview of the regulatory and organizational requirements of starting a PPFS. Participants don't have to bring anything.

The Senior Management Group of the Centre for International Education is now allowing individuals to qualify for a license to operate a PPFS. This will now give individuals or persons to set up a PPFS in their communities; however, the same stringent process of qualification and quality assurance still applies.

If you would like us to assess your suitability for this programme please bring your Articles of Incorporation and By-laws if you are a corporation (profit or non-profit) or your comprehensive resume if you want this to be a personal enterprise.


Registration & AVP Presentation 10:0 0 a.m.

Welcome & Introduction 10:15

The Pearl Principle and Social Engagement

The Pearl Story 10:25
Social Engagement 10:40

The Pearl Principle Formation School 11:10

PPFS Process: An Overview 11:40
PPFS Survey 12:00

When reserving a seat please provide us your:

  • Full Name
  • Your Designation
  • Organization's Name
  • Complete Address with ZIP Code
  • Phone with Area Code
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email

For immediate confirmation of your seat reservation please contact:

Carol Villanueva
Makati Extension Campus
Centre for International Education
Ground Floor Gold Tower
Palanca Street, Legazpi Village
Makati City, Philippines
Call: (02) 888-0909 / 892-3088


Edith said...

I've always wanted to be a teacher,but for some reasons I took up BSC Management at St. Puul College of Mla. Yet the love for this noble profession never faded away.Because of this I voluntered as a child facilitator of Divine Mercy Child Care and Learning Program for the less privillege in Maysilo Mandaluyong for 2 yrs. When we transfered to Dasmarinas Cavite I was offered a teaching position in a private school.I can say from these experiences that teaching is more of a vow than a job. It's hard yet I'm happy doing it. Inspite of the fact that I had a higher salary with that private school I resigned and applied with the OB Montessori Pagsasarili Foundation of Mrs. Preciosa Soliven because to myself I know that I will be reaching out to a lot more less privilege children through their program. Then I finally decided to take 18 units of early childhood education to fulfill a long time dream. After finishing the course I taught with PTS International Christian School then with International English Center.Right now I'm just doing tutorials. One of my ward is a 23 year old helper of a neihgbor who doesnt't know how to read and do the basic math operations.To be honest there are times that I thought of giving up teaching but it seems God won't just allow me to do so. For every time I thought of quiting He find means to tell me His purpose for my life. Right mow I have standing offers from 2 private schools but in my heart I know it will be more fullfilling if I could share this gift of teaching to young Filipinos whom I know will be the future movers and adult citizen of our country. I read about PEARL through a back issue or Entrepreneur Magazine (January 2007)and would like to be a part of your mission.Please inform me of future orientation or how can I put up a Pearl principle school. I hope someday I can proudly say to my children that I have done my duty as a teacher, as a Filipino as a person that God really wants me to be. More power and God bless.

Centre for International Education said...

We truly believe as an institution that teaching is such a noble vocation. Our Founder, Teacher Nelia Cruz Sarcol, founded the Centre for International Education on Love and Passion for children. You have to be so to keep a school like CIE in the forefront of innovation and development in education. It is not easy to manage a school more so to start it. If you are truly interested please email to about where you want your school and we will help you find out more about the feasibility of your dream to have a school and also to guide you in discovering if this is truly your calling.