Monday, January 7, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

This is Chapter 5 of "The Pearl Principle" book.

As a nation, we should have a ROADMAP.

This roadmap must show how we can fulfill our destiny. Our destiny is a consequence of our past and the decisions we make today. It may not be a perfect roadmap. Surely, we have to “re-route” several times as we journey on.

This roadmap tells us what is important, the things that we should be doing and how we should be doing them.

This roadmap must be articulated, understood and accepted by all, so that everyone journeys in the same direction and reaches a common destination.

This roadmap manifests the essence of our very existence as a nation and must be deeply rooted in our collective consciousness.

As citizens of this country, we call for the immediate commencement of an inspired collective action to steer massive change that will bring each and every Filipino to attain a decent and meaningful life in a society enshrined in The People’s Vision.

This transformation could only come to fruition if change is initiated from within and from within one’s sphere of influence.

The basic rule is to “begin with the end in mind.” The end must be clear, easy to understand and owned by those who are involved in the change process.

We have attempted to change over and over. But we always start discussing problems, airing our gripes without offering solutions, and end up blaming each other.

Everyone has a hand in the predicament we are in. No one is innocent, nay guiltless, except our children who will inherit the mess we have created.


Chapter 6 will be next: "First Things First".

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