Thursday, January 3, 2008

We Found Our Soul

This is Chapter 3 of "The Pearl Principle" book.

The Pearl Principle reminds us that we can convert any pain, misfortune, ordeal or failure to something of value. Our essence as a nation is formed out of obstacles that we confront as a people and as a country.

Our experiences, painful and hard surround the core of our being. Each of these challenges is our nucleus for creation, each victory over the hardships we overcome is another pearl in our path.

Transformation occurs again and again in our growing process. Every incident, every emotion, every success, every sorrow, becomes another layer of our national development… exactly like the many layers of nacre that coat the deadly teredo microorganism—creating a beautiful pearl.

Our pain, which can be unspeakably intense and sometimes debilitating, brings the lessons we never forget. They are imprinted deeply in our core.

We should use these experiences to better weather future struggles. Our core must be solid and hard. The layering actually helps us mature… and shall help us to see beyond, to see what others do not see.

Ang perlas ay napakagandang inspirasyon upang tayo ay mabuhayan ng loob, na bumunot ng lakas mula sa kaibuturan ng ating kaluluwa.

Lahat tayo ay may natatanging galing at kakayahan -- kung ito lamang ay ating lilinangin ng mataimtim na pagnilay.

We offer the Pearl Principle as our National Philosophy to help us recover from this debilitating state of hopelessness. We present the analogy of the oyster called The Pearl Principle -- as the most viable way to effect positive change: the change from within and from within one’s sphere of influence.

Together, we shall become the catalysts for change to make our country a better nation. We shall endeavor to become the oysters that would allow us to reclaim our true destiny as envisioned by our forefathers. This is who we are. This is our soul.

The Philippines, The Pearl of the Orient.

Coming up is Chapter 4 "The Way to Become".

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