Monday, January 7, 2008

First Things First

This is Chapter 6 of "The Pearl Principle" book.

There were seven problems of the country brought up and discussed in that Conference. These were the issues on poverty, unemployment, underemployment, peace and order, the deteriorating standards in education, corruption, over-population and our national “identity crisis.”

The participants presented possible solutions followed by the usual debates. Most of the proposed solutions were “top-to-bottom” strategies.

We are not saying we do not need change at the top. We are in total agreement that we do — but we must be able to do more from where we are standing right now.

The Pearl Principle believes in a “bottom-to-top” approach. This begins with change from within and from within one’s sphere of influence. Thus, ensuring a solid footing for any long-term change to be sustained.

However, you might ask: ‘What kind of people can take on the Herculean task of solving problems with such magnitude -- without political power or without resources?’

The answer is simple.

Disabuse your mind that it is a Herculean task. It is not. What we need are incremental changes.

One step at a time. One Filipino at a time.

Ang bawat hakbang ay siyang magdadala sa atin sa tugatog na gusto nating marating at nais nating buuin.

Just like building a cathedral, stone by stone, block by block, we pile them up. But merely piling them up is not enough.

Dapat isaisip natin na tayo ay lumilikha ng isang katedral, ng isang adhikain, ng isang bansa. It is picking up that block, with each mason carrying and offering it with all his heart, mindful of his role that he has to perfectly cut that block and place it on top of the other blocks that have also been rightly laid out by the others, making sure that the very foundation of the cathedral is strong enough to withstand the test of time. That without this individual contribution, the edifice shall never attain the magnificence we have envisioned it to become.

We need to be totally and inexhaustibly determined to pursue the task of transformation. What we need is NOT POLITICAL POWER, but the WILL POWER to initiate change beginning with ourselves and the people immediately around us.

Next is Chapter 7 "Everyone A Leader".

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