Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Essence of the Pearl

This is Chapter 2 of "The Pearl Principle" book.

An unsuspecting oyster, peaceful and content with the way submarine life was taking its normal course, was suddenly invaded by hundreds of teredo micro-organisms from everywhere.

A daring one teredo swept its way straight into the inner chamber of the oyster’s shell and lodged in its virgin flesh. The oyster tried to expel the invader but as it did, the irritation burned the inflamed muscles even more.

The discomfort became unbearably painful. Rescue from the surrounding waters was not forthcoming. The oyster could only expect an impending death.

But, the oyster refused to die. While its effort to expel the teredo became futile, the oyster instead thought of easing up on the deadly irritation wrought upon its aching flesh.

‘What can I do?

What do I have?

How can I save myself from imminent death?’ the oyster asked.

The oyster discovered that it has an innate ability to respond to this kind of threat.

Yes! It can secrete nacre. That substance which can coat the irritant and ease the burning sensation that is consuming its entire being. With the resolve to stop the excruciating pain and discomfort, it coated the teredo with layers upon layers of this smooth and luminous nacre until it hurt no more.

Finally, the pearl was created.

Like the pearl, our essence as persons is formed out of obstacles that we confront in the course of our lives.

Our experiences, painful and hard, surround the core of our being and, it isn’t always easy to find anything positive in the hardships we endure.

Each problem, each challenge is our opportunity for creation. Each victory another pearl on our path.

The story of the pearl illustrates that even the worst and most painful experience can become something of a healing artistry. The pearl is a glowing example of a mortal threat transformed into magnificence.

How many of us are able to take problems and hardships as opportunities, as oysters do?

How many among us can find the gift in those challenges and turn them into something positive?

This is what the oyster can teach us.

This is the essence of the Pearl Principle: To find and honor our strength and flexibility in the inner power to bounce back rather than break apart; to turn adversity into a catalyst of growth and progress.

Indeed, each of us has inherent gifts that we can use to overcome!

The Pearl Principle offers us the gift of the pearl, this miraculous living gift from the sea -- a gemstone produced by a living entity -- the creation of beauty from adversity, of art from irritation.

The Pearl Principle reminds us that adversity is really part of our lives. However, some of us respond to these pains and hardships by fixating on the pain, keeping it fresh in our minds for weeks, months and even years -- some for a lifetime. Others take small irritations and blow them out of proportion, making them larger misfortunes.

Complaining and dwelling on the problem, on the pain or ordeals endured, will only result in a life overshadowed by unending dissatisfaction and stagnation.

Coming up will be Chapter 3 "We Found Our Soul".

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